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SKU sc-gs130s09
Power, W 1950

comfortable and useful

  • Removable board for steaming
  • Variable steam — 11 modes
  • Telescopic rack, hangers for trousers, stable base, detachable tank 2.0 L
  • Steel sole
  • 1950 W / Ready to work in 25 seconds


SC-GS130S09 garment steamer is a handy appliance that allows you to furbish up your clothes.  This device provides professional care for clothes at home. The set of accessories includes a brush for woolen and delicate clothes, gloves for protecting hands. Thanks to the step-by-step adjustment of the steam force, it is very easy to choose the appropriate mode. With SC-GS130S09, you can smooth out both frills and ruche, and jackets and coats that cannot be ironed. It is also possible to eliminate odors, disinfect the clothes and handle challenging fabrics: velvet, corduroy, silk, lace. A large tank of 2 liters does not require frequent refilling of water. You will also appreciate the ironing board included in the set, which can be installed horizontally and vertically.


Power, W: 1950

Adjustable steam up to g / min: 45

Water tank, ml: 2000

Soleplate cover: Steel

Clothes hanger: Yes

Hanger for trousers: Yes

Ready for work, sec: 45

Variable steam ironing: 11 modes

Features of the model: Ironing board for comfartable steaming and holding clothes. Stable telescopic two poles. Clothes hanger. Trousers hanger

Color: Violet