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SKU sc-ks57p19
Maximum weight, kg 8

Trendy And Precise

  • Digital LCD display, touch-control switchboard with reset-to zero tara function
  • Weight measuring in gramms, millilitres, ounces and pounds
  • Max. 8kg / Step 1g


Scarlett SC-KS57P19 Electronic kitchen scales are created for those who love accuracy in everything and strictly follow the recipe. You can the weight of products from 1 gram to 8 kilograms accurate to within a gram. Once you set the bowl, press On/Tare button to use the option of resetting the tare weight. If you cook by the recipes from other countries, you will no longer have to translate grams into other units of measurement: Scarlett scales allow you to weigh not only in grams, but also in pounds and ounces, and when you need to find out the volume of water or milk, Scarlett scales will measure it in milliliters. The scales need only one CR2032 battery for operation. When it needs to be replaced, a special indicator will indicate it on the display. Also, the scales will warn you if you exceed the maximum load. Platform made of impact-resistant glass and spectacular pattern make these scales a real decoration of the kitchen interior.


Maximum weight, kg: 8

Graduation, g: 1

LCD-display: Yes

Electronic: Yes

Unit: grams, milliliters, ounces, pounds

Platform material: Glass

Low battery indicator: Yes

Overload indicator: Yes

Battery: 1 x 3V battery (included)

Color: picture