SC-KS57P38 DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE To compare Compared

SKU sc-ks57p38
Maximum weight, kg 5

Trendy And Precise

  • Digital LCD display, touch-control switchboard with reset-to zero tara function
  • Weight measuring in gramms, millilitres, ounces and pounds
  • Max. 5 kg/Step 1 g


Scarlett SC-KS57P38 Electronic kitchen scales allow you weigh the ingredients for various dishes accurate to within 1 gram. Those who love cooking are sure to need them. The platform of the scales is made of impact-resistant glass. Maximum weight is 5 kg. This device can weigh the products in grams, ounces, pounds and even milliliters. You can use the tare weight reset function, as well as weigh several products one by one .



Maximum weight, kg: 5

Graduation, g: 1

LCD-display: Yes

Electronic: Yes

Unit: grams, milliliters, ounces, pounds

Platform material: Glass

Low battery indicator: Yes

Overload indicator: Yes

Battery: 1 x 3V battery (included)

Color: picture