SKU sc-hb42f32
Type Hand blender
Power, W 850
Speed modes 9

Various And Reliable

  • 9 speed operations and Turbo function
  • «Steel Pro» stainless steel blender attachment
  • Soft-touch finishing
  • Knife 4D-MIX


With Scarlett SC-HB42F32 Immersion blender in a stylish case of blue graphite with SOFT TOUCH coating, you will have the chance to diversify your diet. It can make cocktails and cream soups, whip omelets, and chop nuts. 850 W power of this blender allows it to work in 9 speed modes, and to obtain a perfect airy mass without lumps, just use the Turbo mode at the end of cooking. The blender has 4 D-Mix knife with 4 blades that work in 3 independent planes, penetrating deeply into the product, leaving no empty zones and increasing productivity by 2 times. The appliance comes with a mini chopper, a whisk and a 0.6 L measuring cup to help you stick to the recipe. All immersion parts and knives of the blender are made of STEEL PRO durable stainless steel, which is great for cooking at any temperature.


Type: Hand blender

Power, W: 850

Speed modes: 9

TURBO function: Yes

Chopper: Yes

Chopper capacity, L: 0.5

Whisk: Yes

Measuring cup: Yes

Measuring cup, L: 0.6

Shaft material: Stainless steel STEEL PRO

Body material: Rubberized antislip body finishing «SOFT TOUCH»

Color: Graphite