SKU sc-hb42f34
Type Hand blender
Power, W 750
Speed modes 2

Quick And Small Cutting

  • MULTI EFFECT knife expert on hard products’ crush
  • 3 in 1: good for chopping, whipping, blending, grating and slicing
  • Brand of steel STEEL PRO


Scarlett SC-HB42F34 Immersion blender is multifunctional and easy to handle. It can quickly and efficiently make a variety of diverse and complex dishes – soups, purees, stews, puddings, salads, cocktails, etc. The set comes with a whisk, a mini chopper for 0.5 L and a 0.6 L measuring cup with a convenient spout, which will help you to stick to the recipe, and a sealed glass cover will keep your dish safe. The motor with an optimum power of 750 W ensures stable operation of the device and a long service life. You can select the pulse mode for food processing and activate Turbo mode at the end of cooking for 15-30 seconds to get a mass of perfectly airy texture without any lumps. The model is equipped with a MULTIEFFECT knife with two shortened vertical blades for processing the hardest products. All immersion parts and knives of the blender are made of STEEL PRO durable stainless steel, which is great for cooking at any temperature. Practical black color of plastic will keep a decent appearance for a long time.



Type: Hand blender

Power, W: 750

Speed modes: 2

TURBO function: Yes

Chopper: Yes

Chopper capacity, L: 0.5

Whisk: Yes

Measuring cup: Yes

Measuring cup, L: 0.6

Shaft material: Stainless steel STEEL PRO

Body material: Plastic

Color: Black