SKU sc-hb42f49
Type Hand blender
Power, W 950

Easy To Use And Reliable

  • Brand of steel STEEL PRO


Scarlett SC-HB42F49 Immersion blender can easily chop vegetables, fruits, meat and even nuts to your favorite cream soups, smoothies, pates and pastes, and whip the egg whites and cream, and make batter for desserts as quickly as possible, due to the high power engine of 950 W. Specially designed MULTIEFFECT knife can quickly and efficiently handle the hardest products. A convenient switch to 14 speeds will allow you to choose the optimal mode for each dish, and Turbo mode will bring the mass to the ideal texture without lumps. All metal parts of the blender are made of STEEL PRO stainless steel, which is great for cooking products at any temperature. Using the blender will be as comfortable as possible, due to the ergonomic handle and SOFT TOUCH coating on the device and accessories, as well as to a rubber anti-slip ring on the bottom of the mini-chopper.



Type: Hand blender

Power, W: 950

Speed modes: 16

TURBO function: Yes

Chopper: Yes

Chopper capacity, L: 0.5

Whisk: Yes

Measuring cup: Yes

Measuring cup, L: 0.6

Shaft material: Stainless steel STEEL PRO

Body material: Rubberized antislip body finishing «SOFT TOUCH»

Color: Black