SC-HB42S08 BLENDER To compare Compared

SKU sc-hb42s08
Type Hand blender
Power, W 500
Speed modes 1

Nothing Extra

  • Stainless steel blade


Scarlett SC-HB42S08 Immersion blender is a universal device made in a classic white design complemented by a green button. The device is compact and multi-functional, it can chop and mix any ingredients easily. This is an indispensable device that will make you enjoy your time in kitchen and have more time to relax. The blender with optimal power of 500 W is controlled by one button. The knife of the device is made of STEEL PRO durable stainless steel.  


Type: Hand blender

Power, W: 500

Speed modes: 1

Shaft material: Plastic

Body material: Plastic

Color: White