SKU sc-jb146g03
Type Stationary
Power, W 800
Speed modes 2

Quick And Multipurpose

  • 2 speed modes
  • Ice crush function
  • Quick and efficient blending
  • 800 W / capacity 1,5 L


The Scarlett blender is equipped with 800W motor that allows the appliance to chop and mix any ingredients in minutes. The device is made of durable materials which are safe for use with food. 1.5 L bowl is made of glass. This durable material does not enter into reaction with fruit acids, does not stain from the juice of red berries or beets, and is easy to clean. You can prepare milkshakes and smoothies, including ice chips, chop vegetables, make soups, purees and baby food. Sharp STEEL PRO stainless steel blades can easily handle the processing of hard and fibrous products. With the rotary knob, the device can operate at 2 speeds, and switch to pulse mode, which is useful in the processing of especially solid ingredients. When grinding, just add whatever you need through a special hole in the lid, and the lid cap with measuring scale will help to stick to the recipe. Knives can be easily removed for cleaning.



Type: Stationary

Power, W: 800

Speed modes: 2

Pulse mode: Yes

Mixing bowl capacity, L: 1.5

Color: White