SC-CG44501 COFFEE GRINDER To compare Compared

SKU sc-cg44501
Power, W 160

Nothing In Excess

  • Power 160 W
  • Stainless steel blades and cup
  • Pulse mode


Powerful and functional, SC-CG44501 coffee grinder in a compact case will help you to grind coffee beans instantaneously to make a cup of fragrant and strong brew. The appliance features a snow-white plastic case with laconic design, and user-friendly operation. SC-CG44501 coffee grinder is equipped with rotary knife of strong stainless steel which, while rotating, quickly grinds coffee beans. Plastic transparent cover allows you to observe the grinding process, and also keeps the coffee inside the container. The appliance holds up to 65 g of grains. The grinder is easy to wash and convenient to store.                



Power, W: 160

Pulse mode: Yes

Capacity, g: 65

Built-in safety system: Yes

Transparent cover - easy control of grinding: Yes

Stainless steel knife: Yes

Features of the model: Powerfull motor. High speed of grinding

Color: White