SC-HM40S11 HAND MIXER To compare Compared

SKU sc-hm40s11
Power, W 600
Speed modes 6

Convenient And Powerful

  • 2 dough hooks for mixing heavy dough
  • 2 whisks for beating eggs and cream, blending liquid products
  • Compact storage


Scarlett SC - HM40S11 Hand mixer can be used for whipping egg whites, making dough, creams and sauces. The kit comes with a convenient container for storing attachments, which is attached directly onto the device, so the attachments will not be lost and will always be at hand. 6 speeds make it possible to choose the operating mode that is best suited for a particular culinary task. Due to its compact size, the device does not take up much space in your kitchen.



Power, W: 600

Speed modes: 6

2 whisks for beating eggs and creams: Yes

2 dough hooks for mixing dough: Yes

Eject button: Yes

Attachments storage: Special container for whisks and hooks storage

Color: Minty