SC-MG45M20 MEAT GRINDER To compare Compared

Power, W 1800

  • 2 kg per minute
  • Power 1800 W


A high production meat grinder Scarlett SC-MG45M20 is suitable for meat mincing, grating and shredding as well as preparing home sausages and kubbe.  

It will help you to mince even stringy meat and hard vegetables.

High-strength metal screw and knife made of high-quality stainless steel feature improved wear resistance, thereby increasing the efficiency and extending the service life of the device.

The kit comes with 6 attachments: 2 perforated discs with 5 and 7 mm holes, attachments for kebbe and homemade sausages, vegetable cutter with a large grater and shredder.


Power, W: 1800

Performance: 2

Reverse function: Yes

Detachable steel grids, holes size mm: 5 and 7 mm

Attachments kubbe: Yes

Attachments sausage: Yes

Attachments for grating and shredding vegetables, pcs.: 2

Color: White