SC-MG45S51 MEAT GRINDER To compare Compared

SKU sc-mg45s51
Power, W 2000

Reliable And Variable

  • Nozzles for making sausages and home kubbe
  • High quality stainless steel knife
  • Easy disassembly screw mincer
  • 2000 W / 2,5 kg per minute
  • Reverse function


Compact and powerful meat grinder SC-MG45S51 is a reliable assistant in your kitchen. High power of meat grinder motor allows you to mince any kind of meat into a homogeneous mass, and the performance of the model reaches 2.5 kg/min. The kit comes with 4 attachments: 2 perforated discs with 5 and 7 mm holes, attachments for kebbe and homemade sausages. High-strength metal screw and knife made of high-quality stainless steel feature improved wear resistance, thereby increasing the efficiency and extending the service life of the device. SAFE PRO technology helps to prevent engine overheating and overload, thereby extending its service life. Reverse function lets you mince the meat in the backward direction, if it gets stuck. Rubber-coated legs significantly facilitate the cooking process and make the device to be stable on the surfaces with different coatings. The disassembling of the meat grinder takes minimal time: just press the button to detach the neck and separate all the metal parts from each other. This model perfectly combines the compact size and light weight of the meat grinder. Stylish design of SC-MG45S51 meat grinder is perfect for your kitchen.



Power, W: 2000

Performance: 2.5

Reverse function: Yes

Detachable steel grids, holes size mm: 5 and 7

Motor protection: Yes

Durable metal worm: Yes

High-quality stainless steel knife / grater discs: Yes

Attachments kubbe: Yes

Attachments sausage: Yes

Meat tray material: Plastic

Special rubber feet for additional stability: Yes

Features of the model: Convenient disassembling

Color: White