SC-JE50C06 Citrus Juice Extractor To compare Compared

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Easy And Healthy


SC-JE50C06 Citrus juicer is a simple and useful asset for your kitchen. The compact device will not take up much space, 2 attachments for different types of citrus fruits and 700 ml jug with a convenient measuring scale will help you prepare the right amount of tasty and healthy juice. Rubber-coated legs, comfortable handle of the jug make the use of with the juicer as comfortable as possible. SC-JE50C06 juicer has a special cover to protect the cones from dust. Bright and stylish design will easily fit into any interior due to classic white and red color combination. With SC-JE50C06 Citrus juicer, you will be able to delight yourself with fresh vitamin drink every day!



Color: White