SC-JE50S33 Slow juicer To compare Compared

SKU sc-je50s33
Power, W 220
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 75

Effective And Healthy

  • Shaft rotation speed: 75 rpm


SCARLETT SC-JE50S33 Slow juicer works at low speeds and makes a rich juice even from the berries and greens. Live cold-pressed non-settled juice retains more than 80% of vitamins, minerals and enzymes! The motor is a single-phase induction AC motor. The device is equipped with one speed and "reverse" mode. Also, SC-JE50S3 gives you the possibility to obtain juice of different purity: from pulp to transparent (purity up to 96%)! All internal parts of the juicer can be detached and washed with water. Juice container, pulp bin and cleaning brush are included. Low noise level makes the device comfortable for others.



Type: Screw

Power, W: 220

Speed modes: 1

Shaft rotation speed, rpm: 75

Filter material: Stainless steel

Juice container: 1000

Pulp container, ml: 1000

Anti-drip system: Yes

Protection: Built-in safety system

Recipe book: Yes

Accessories included: Cleaning brush

Body material: Plastic

Features of the model:
1) Low noise level (<65 Db)
2) Cold-pressed juice from vegetables, fruits and greens. Soft Press technology
3) Reverse function

Color: Red