SC-JE50S43 SLOW JUICER To compare Compared

SKU sc-je50s43
Power, W 200
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 55

Effective And Healthy

  • Built-in safety system
  • Anti-drip
  • Shaft rotation speed 55rpm


SC-JE50S43 Slow juicer with Soft Press technology will allow you to get healthy cold-pressed juice, which stores up to 80% of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements, and nut milk.  Juicing fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs without settling.  With shaft speed of 55 rpm and low noise level (less than 60 dB), you can expect comfortable operation at any time of the day. Special mounting system and brush for filter cleaning are included ? the juicer is easy to assemble and easy to wash.   The juicer features Reverse and Drop stop functions, as well as automatic lock in case of improper assembly. Compact base of SC-JE50S43 juicer will not take up much space, and stylish design of the device will decorate your kitchen.



Type: Screw

Power, W: 200

Speed modes: 1

Shaft rotation speed, rpm: 55

Filter material: Stainless steel

Juice container: 1000

Pulp container, ml: 800

Anti-drip system: Yes

Protection: Built-in safety system

Accessories included: Cleaning brush

Body material: Plastic

Features of the model:
1) Low noise level (<60 Db)
2) Cold-pressed juice from vegetables, fruits and greens. Soft Press technology
3) Reverse function

Color: Chocolate