SC-EK18P55 ELECTRIC KETTLE To compare Compared

SKU sc-ek18p55
Power, W 2200
Capacity, L 1.7
Body material Plastic


SC-EK18P55 Electric kettle combines optimal capacity of 1.7 l and a compact size. The appliance is equipped with big convenient screen windows to control the water level on both sides.  Ergonomic handle, traditional lid opening system, and embedded heating element will make the operation of the appliance even more easy and comfortable. Safe Work system (auto-off when boiling, protection from switching on without water) will ensure the safe use of the kettle.



Power, W: 2200

Capacity, L: 1.7

Removable filter: Yes

Procedure for opening the cover: The traditional system of lid opening

Indicator light: Yes

Water level scale: 2 big windows for water level control

Body material: Plastic

Type of heating element: Closed

Color: Menthol