SC-EK21S50 Electric kettle To compare Compared

SKU sc-ek21s50
Power, W 1800
Capacity, L 1.7
Body material Stainless steel


Powerful electric kettle SC-EK21S50 (1800 W) has the volume of 1.7 liters, which makes it perfect for use by large companies. The case is made of STEEL PRO high-quality strong stainless steel which retains the natural properties of water. The appliance is equipped with a bright internal lights of two colors, which changes the color of the scale when boiling. Cold kettle is lit in red, and at boiling it is lit in blue. Thanks to a large screen window for water level control, the process of boiling water will pleasant and relaxing to observe. The embedded heating element also takes care of the useful properties of water and guarantees a long service life of the appliance. Safe Work built-in multi-level safety system – auto-off when boiling, protection from switching on without water – will make the operation easier. 



Power, W: 1800

Capacity, L: 1.7

Removable filter: Yes

Procedure for opening the cover: Button

Power supply via base plate: Yes

Indicator light: Yes

Water level scale: Inside water scale

Convenient cord storage: Yes

Body material: Stainless steel

Features of the model:
1) 2 color inside lighiting . Changing the color in process of boiling . From blue , to red 2) 10,000 on/off cycles
3) Multilevel protection system «Safe Work» — auto shut off, boil dry safety cut off

Color: Stainless steel