SC-EK21S82 ELECTRIC KETTLE To compare Compared

SKU sc-ek21s82
Power, W 2200
Capacity, L 1.7
Body material Stainless steel


SC-EK21S82 Electric kettle, 1.7 L, has a capacity of 1850-2200 W. A large transparent screen window for water level control makes the operation easier, and allows you to watch the boiling process. The scale-protection filter, automatic lid opening, and embedded heating element – all of these will make use of the appliance easier. Also, the appliance features a Safe Work multi-level safety system - auto-off at boiling and protection from turning on without water. Thanks to the harmonious combination of colors, it will fit perfectly into any interior design.



Power, W: 2200

Capacity, L: 1.7

Procedure for opening the cover: Automatic lid opening

Water level scale: Water level control window

Convenient cord storage: Yes

Body material: Stainless steel

Type of heating element: Closed

Filter: Yes

Type / grade of steel: STEEL TECH

«Safe Work» - auto shut off: Yes

Color: Steel