SC-PM229D98 Pancake Maker To compare Compared

SKU sc-pm229d98
Power, W 1000

useful and variable

  • Non-stick coating and T-shape for equally spaced dough on the plates
  • Two detachable plates for cooking pancakes 26 cm and fritters 9 cm
  • Oil-free cooking – Healthy nutrition
  • Non-stick coating


SCARLETT SC-PM229D98 Electric Pancake Maker 1000 W will let you quickly cook a large amount of pancakes for all family members. The working surface of this model is designed for cooking 4 fragrant pancakes at a time, with a diameter of 9 cm each. Also, an additional working panel with a diameter of 26 cm is included: cooking stuffed pancakes will become easier now. For those who just learn to cook pancakes, there is a special stick for leveling the dough included in the kit. Operation of the pancake maker is incredibly simple: light indicators will tell you when the device is turned on and when you can start cooking. With non-stick coating of the working panels, there will be no more burnt pieces of food. SCARLETT SC-PM229D98 Electric pancake maker will turn the tedious process of making pancakes in fun.


Power, W: 1000

Line: Scarlett

Quantity of working surfaces: 2

Non-stick coating: Yes

Indicator light: Yes

Working surface diameter:
pancakes 26 cm
pancakes 4 pcs. by 9 cm

Power Indicator: Yes

Accessories included: T-shaped wooden spatula for even distribution of dough

Features of the model:
1) 2 removable working panels for making pancakes and fritters
2) 100% resistance to burning, can be prepared without oil

Color: Black