SC-MW9020S05M MICROWAVE OVEN To compare Compared

SKU sc-mw9020s05m
Power, W 700

Reliable And User-Friendly

  • 30 minutes manual timer with cooking end signal
  • Simple mechanical control
  • 6 microwave power levels
  • Inner volume L: 20


SCARLETT SC-MW9020S05M Microwave oven is a reliable assistant for every kitchen! SC-MW9020S05M has comfortable button for opening the door. It is equipped with a timer for 30 minutes and 6 processing modes. The device is a practical help in cooking with an optimal set of options, and has nothing in excess. Thermally-stable enamel will take care of long service life of the SC-MW9020S05M!



Control type: Mechanic

Inner coating: Heatproof inner cover

Defrost function: Yes

Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm: 452 x 345 x 262

Power, W: 700

Glass turnable plate, mm: 245

Modes quantity: 6

Timer, min: 30

Color: White