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SCARLETT SC-KG22601 Electric Tabletop Grill is the perfect solution not only for fans of barbecue, but also for those who value their time! With the automatic rotation of the skewers, the dinner will cook by itself. 6 detachable skewers, protective case, 6 removable limiters – attachments for securing shashlik and kebab, 6 detachable cup for collecting meat juice, and convenient carrying handle – this appliance is easy to use both at your summer house and at home. The ceramic heating element heats up quickly. The insulated handles of the casing do not heat up when the device is in operation. SC-KG22601 Electric Tabletop Grill is suitable not only for meat shashlik, but also for kebabs, ribs, grilled sausages, fish, seafood, chicken and vegetables!



Color: Black