SC-FD421T19 FOOD DEHYDRATOR To compare Compared

SKU sc-fd421t19
Power, W 245
Quantity of trays 5
Operating temperature range, deg 40-70


FD421T19 food dryer — helper for everyone who cares about their health, for gardeners, mushroom pickers and lovers of home cookings! It can help you dry vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and mushrooms at home — the dried seasonal products retain their beneficial for health properties for a long time. SC-FD421T19 food dryer features: electronic control panel with a timer to set the desired time of drying; 5 transparent pallets with a maximum load of up to 1 kg each; temperature control from 40 to 70°C; built-in fan for uniform drying of products. SC-FD421T19 food dryer can dry up to 5 kg products at a time, and the Instructions  for Use provides the recommendations for drying different products.



Power, W: 245

Quantity of trays: 5

Capacity of each tray max, kg: 1

Tray height, cm: 3

Operating temperature range, deg: 40-70

Shutdown timer: Yes

Built-in fan: Yes

Features of the model: Pallet size cm: 31х24

Color: Steel