SC-TM11035 SANDWICH TOASTER To compare Compared

SKU sc-tm11035
Power, W 750

Safe And Easy

  • To cook toast, sandwiches, cakes, fillets and omelets
  • Cool touch open handle with fixation
  • Recipe book included
  • 750 W / 1 panel


SC-TM11035 Sandwich maker is safe and easy to use! The handle is not heated during operation and is securely fixed in the hand. Ultra compact design for vertical storage makes it ideal for small kitchens. Thermostat will protect against overheating, and the light indicators will simplify the operation process. Rubber-coated legs will take care of safety. Recipe book is included!


Power, W: 750

Sandwich plates: Yes

Non-stick coating: Yes

Cool touch handle: Yes

Recipe book: Yes

Overheating protection: Yes

Vertical storage: Yes

Cool-touch body: Yes

Number of portion: 4

Color: Black