SC-TM11005 2 SLICES TOASTER To compare Compared

SKU sc-tm11005
Power, W 850

Quickly And Variable

  • Toasts ready in 55 seconds
  • Timer for 6 levels browning
  • Functions: Reheat/ Defrost/ Cancel
  • Cool touch plastic housing
  • 850 W / toasts and pastry


SC-TM11005 Toaster in a versatile white case allows you to warm and cook delicious toast. The model is equipped with an 850 W motor supporting 3 heating modes. The degree of toasting is manually adjusted in seven positions, allowing you to choose the optimal distance between the slice of bread and the heating element. SC-TM11005 Toaster is equipped with a reliable system of protection against crumbs – there is a removable tray under the slots. A wide top panel will help you warm up the rolls, defrost and fry the toast. Heat-resistant plastic housing does not heat up during operation. The resistance of SC-TM11005 is ensured by four rubber legs!


Power, W: 850

Quantity of slices: 2

Reheat function: Yes

Defrost function: Yes

Cool touch plastic housing: Yes

Cancel function: Yes

Slide-out crumb tray: Yes

Stand for buns: Yes

Convenient cord storage: Yes

Body material: Plastic

Indicator light: Yes

Features of the model:
1) Stylish design: white and steel, with a «Bon Appetit!» print
2) Without unnecessary details: the design allows you to comfortably warm the buns on the surface of the toaster

Color: White