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SKU sc-fm20104
Power, W 70

Infrared Heating

  • Massage by vibration, mild heat and by air bubble


SCARLETT Vita Spa SC-FM20104 Massager has an eye-catching bright design that combines blue and white colours. Three detachable massage attachments (brush, massage ball, pumice attachment) are suitable for all kinds of treatment, convenient to use and easy to remove from the main part. 20 air holes for relaxing bubble baths, transparent cover for splash protection, rubber legs for extra stability and to prevent slipping, holes for easy water draining, two pairs of roller attachments for wellness and relaxing massage and 4-position mode switch! Operating modes: massage with warm water and infrared light, massage with warm water, bubbles and infrared light, warm bubble bath! The built-in heating element will take care of maintaining the water temperature.


Power, W: 70

Line: Vita Spa

Modes: 3

Number of attachments: 3

Auto keep warm function: Yes

Bubble massage: Yes

Infrared warming: Yes

Roller massager: 2

The bottom with massage surface: Yes

Features of the model: Built-in heating element

Color: Lightblue