SC-CA304PS10 FOOT CARE APPLIANCE To compare Compared

SKU sc-ca304ps10

Perfectly Smooth And Soft Feet

  • Buffing roller

    min 1800 times to use

  • Finger separator

    min 1800 times to use

  • Remover roller with diamond coating
  • Wet cleaning — IPX5
  • Cleaning brush


SCARLETT SC-CA304PS10 Foot file in graceful pink and white case will be a pleasant accessory for any cosmetic bag. The main roller rotates at speeds up to 3000 rpm. The model is adapted for wet cleaning; its case meets the IPX5 protection standard and is covered with a special material with texture for better adhesion to the skin. SCARLETT SC-CA304PS10 Foot file has a flexible head and can be easily adjusted to the desired angle. It is powered by two AA batteries placed in the handle. They give the appliance extra weight thus making it better gripped by hand. Hardened plastic tolerates falls and can withstand strong pressure.


Color: Violet