SC-CA304PS11 FOOT CARE APPLIANCE To compare Compared

SKU sc-ca304ps11

Perfectly Smooth And Soft Feet

  • Buffing roller (min 1800 times to use)
  • Finger separator
  • Remover roller with diamond coating (min 1800 times to use)
  • Wet cleaning — IPX5


Scarlett VITA SPA SC-CA304PS11 foot care appliance is made in a modern ergonomic design! With 360° rotation of the roller, the appliance will make your skin smooth and beautiful  easily and quickly. Roller with diamond crystalls (at least 1,800 times of use) ensures rapid removal of callous ensuring visible effect in 10 seconds! Soft touch roller for polishing (also at least 1,800 times of use) – gentle treatment and silky soft feet in an instant! Cleaning brush is included in pack content. Waterproof case provides for rapid wet cleaning, featuring IPX5 protection. Special toes separators included in the kit will help to apply nail polish accurately! Powered by the built-in battery. And the stylish black color pattern will make SC-CA304PS11 a real decoration for your dressing case!


Color: Black