SC-MS95007 MANICURE AND PEDICURE SET To compare Compared

SKU sc-ms95007
Type Manicure and pedicure set
Number of attachments 6

Compact Size

  • Large and small filing cone
  • Unique light system
  • 2 Shaping discs
  • Small filing cylinder
  • Buffing disc


SCARLETT Vita Spa SC-MS95007 Manicure kit is an indispensable compact device for every girl. The electric appliance for manicure and pedicure features ergonomic design, two speeds of operation and two-way rotation. The kit comes with 6 attachments: small cylindrical attachment for manicure, large cone attachment for pedicure, small cone attachment for pedicure, 2 discs with rough surfaces for pedicure, disc for nails polishing. 3 attachments of natural stones are suitable for artificial nails! The unique lightning system makes the device not only an effective assistant, but a pleasant-looking accessory.


Type: Manicure and pedicure set

Line: Vita Spa

Speed modes: 2

Number of attachments: 6

Power: 2 AA batteries

Clockwise or anticlockwise moving: Yes

Attachments from a natural stone: 3

Features of the model: Compact size

Color: Blue