SC-HC63C62 HAIR CLIPPER SET To compare Compared

SKU sc-hc63c62
Power, W 5

Functional And Modern

  • 10 settings for hair cutting and beard trimming
  • Cord/cordless system


Catchy, thoughtful style, ergonomic design, high quality in every detail – it's all the SC - HC63C62 hair clipper. Exact setting of length –10 hair cutting and beard trimming settings from 1 mm to 19 mm. SC - HC63C60 model is very easy to use, agile and convenient. With a telescopic attachment, you can choose the desired length of the haircut simply and easily!  Sharp blades of high quality stainless steel quickly and carefully cut hair of any type and stiffness with one sweep. For maximum power and freedom of movement, the device can be operated both from the mains and from the battery.



Power, W: 5

Power: Network / battery

Accumulator work time, min: 50

Blade: Stainless steel cutting blades

Rubber coating: Yes

Haircut length: 1—19

Cleansing brush: Yes

Oiler: Yes

Features of the model:
– 2 in 1 - hair and beard cut
– Battery 600 mAh
– Light indicator
– Telescopic comb from 1 to 19 mm
– Easy blades cleaning

Color: Black with orange