SC-HC63C20 Hair clipper set To compare Compared

SKU sc-hc63c20
Power, W 6
Haircut length 3—19


SCARLETT SC-HC63C20 Hair clipper in a stylish modern red and silver color design with a capacity of 6 W, will be an indispensable tool in creating and modeling a stylish hairstyle. The kit comes with 4 detachable combs to adjust the length of the haircut: 3, 6, 9, 12 mm. The blades are made of stainless steel, and the device is equipped with a thinning out function. SC-HC63C20 also comes with a barber comb, scissors, brush for cleaning and oiler. The features of the model are 2-in-1 hair and beard trimming.



Power, W: 6

Power: Network

Blade: Stainless steel

Tapering: Yes

Rubber coating: Yes

Haircut length: 3—19

Hairbrush: Yes

Sciccors: Yes

Cleansing brush: Yes

Oiler: Yes

Features of the model:
2 in 1 - hair and beard cut
4 removable comb

Color: Red