SC-BS33E060 BATHROOM SCALE To compare Compared

SKU sc-bs33e060
Type Electronic
Maximum weight, kg 150

Precise And Perfect

  • The result (with accuracy up to 100 grams) is visible on the large lcd display
  • Ultrathin design 5 mm tempered glass platform
  • Maximum weight: 180 kg


SCARLETT SC-BS33E060 scales is a useful appliance for those who looks after their heath. The presented model has only 100 g graduating mark, which provides for accurate measurements and accurately determining the body weight. The limit of 150 kg makes it possible to use the scales by almost anyone. The auto on and off function not only makes the operation of the appliance simpler and easier, but also saves battery power. SCARLETT SC-BS33E060 scales are equipped with a special overload indicator which warns against inappropriate use. The platform of scales is made of impact-resistant glass which is tolerant to accidental mechanical damage.



Type: Electronic

Body material: Glass

Maximum weight, kg: 150

Graduation, g: 100

Low battery indicator: Yes

Overload indicator: Yes

Autoswitching on/off: Yes

battery type/V/pcs: CR2032/3B/1

Rubber feet prevent from moving: Yes

Color: Violet