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SKU sc-vc80h19
Type Vertical corded
Power, W 600


2-in-1 corded vertical vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for efficient cleaning of floors, carpets and furniture. Aluminum telescopic tube allows to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner, and the detachable handheld vacuum cleaner with various attachments is suitable for cleaning furniture and other interior items. Device operates from the power grid, so the vacuum cleaner has a high power. SC-VC80H19 is equipped a cyclonic dust collection system that does not require additional consumables. The container is easy to clean - at the touch of a button, which greatly simplifies cleaning and saves time.


Type: Vertical corded

Dust collector type: Cyclone type

Power, W: 600

Suction power, W: 100

Dust bin capacity, L: 0.8

Vertical storage: Yes

External filter: Electrostatic

Motor filter: НЕРА

Type of tube: Telescopic

Attachment carpet/floor: Yes

Attachment furniture/crevice: Yes

Attachment for furniture: Yes

Wire length, m: 4.0

Color: Blue