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SKU sc-mg45m25
Type With a vegetable cutter
Power, W 2000

  • 2 detachable steel grids with holes 5 and 7 mm
  • Vegetable cutter with big grater and shredder
  • Nozzles for making sausages and home kubbe
  • Extended warranty of 25 months


The Silver Line grinder is perfect for everyday dishes and culinary masterpieces. The compact model, made in a unique design, can handle any kind of meat. Its power of 2,000 watts allows you to produce 2.5 kg of minced meat in a minute. It comes with six nozzles: Two perforated grids with 5 and 7 mm holes, kibbeh and sausage nozzles, vegetable slicer with coarse grater and shredder. Large meat pusher with storage compartment for accessories inside. The high-strength metal auger and stainless steel blade are highly wear-resistant, thereby improving efficiency and extending the life of the device. The "Reverse" function allows you to scroll the meat in the opposite direction in case it gets stuck. Rubberized feet greatly facilitate the cooking process, thanks to them the device is stable on surfaces with different coatings. The process of disassembling the meat grinder takes minimal time: just press the button to disconnect the throat and separate all metal parts from each other. The stylish and sleek design of the SC-MG45M25 meat grinder is perfect for your kitchen.


Type: With a vegetable cutter

Power, W: 2000

Reverse function: Yes

Detachable steel grids, holes size mm: 5 и 7 мм

Durable metal worm: Yes

High-quality stainless steel knife: Yes

Attachments kebbe: Yes

Attachments sausage: Yes

Attachments for grating and shredding vegetables, pcs.: 2

Meat tray material: Plastic

Number of steel grids: 2

Wire length, m: 1

Color: Black