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SKU sc-mc410s18
Power, W 860
Program Quantity 14
Bowl capacity, L 5

Reliable And Mobile

  • Bowl with 3 layers of non-stick coating
  • Possibility to change cooking functions preset time
  • Recipe book included
  • 860 W / 5 L


Multicooker is one of the most popular kitchen appliances nowadays, because it can cook your favorite dishes while you are busy with other things or just relaxing. SC-MC410S18 Multicooker from Scarlett features 14 most popular programmes covering all methods of cooking, such as: frying, stewing, cooking, baking, pressure cooking, heating, programs for cooking cereals, desserts, eggs, pasta, yogurt and porridge, as well as sterilization and 2 individual customized programs, including the function of manual adjustment of cooking time. Choose the program that would suit you to get the perfect result! SC-MC410S18 Multicooker features a Delay start program for cooking your favorite meals for the set time: just put the needed products in the bowl, set the time, and the ready meals will delight you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The heating function can be turned on once the cooking program finishes, so that the dishes do not cool down, if you do not plan to sit down at the table immediately. With 5L bowl with engraved scale inside and non-stick coating, you can cook without oil, without burning and sticking of products to the bowl surface. Even fried dishes will be healthy, but still delicious! Spoon for mixing, measuring cup, container for steaming and recipe book are included. Classic steel housing of the SC-MC410S18 Multicooker will fit perfectly into your kitchen!


Power, W: 860

Pressure during brewing process: No

Program Quantity: 14

My recipe program: Possibility to change cooking functions preset time

Reheat function: Yes

Program: Yes

Bowl capacity, L: 5

Recipe book: Yes

Accessories included: 1

Body material: Stainless steel

Color: Steel